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Mon, Sep. 6th, 2010, 05:48 am
Okay, guys, it's that time again...

...time for a new journal, that is. I've grown out of this one, blah blah blah, [insert the usual details of personal growth, introspection, and other assorted self-aware babbling here]. It's been, what, three years now (?!)—the longest I've ever kept a single journal or blog—but this time I'll spare you the rambling about how I've grown and ~*changed*~ and what have you.

Anywho, cutting to the chase, here's my new journal: spikedee.

Somehow this has become my new handle for things. I'm not sure what or whom to blame for this unexpected turn of events, but in any case, SpikeDee is my new e-persona. :p I'll add everyone on a you-add-me-first basis (unless I reeeaally like you, in which case you've already been added). If you're by any unlikely chance a lurker who's been reading my journal, then create an LJ if you don't already have one, and add my new account! I'm really nice, and I love making friends. :3

I've actually been keeping the new journal for a few days already. I just haven't linked to it here, both because I've been lazy/forgetful/Dee and also so it wouldn't be completely empty when I posted it. (I don't like doing that. Feels awkward. I'm just weird that way. Then again, it turns out posting a journal I've already been using for a short while feels kinda awkward too, so I reckon I just can't win for losin', eh?)